rafting: esempio di discesa

Rafting Umbria – Rafting center Biselli, Norcia

Rafting is an exciting activity for everyone; it doesn’t require special skills or training to immediately face the rapids of the river with all possible safety precautions. The inflatable boats are built specifically to withstand the stresses of the river. They are reinforced and divided into independent air chambers. Crews are normally composed of 6 “passengers” ( min. 2 max. 7) and the guide.

Rafting Umbria In Biselli of Norcia, the practice is really simple:
You have to wear wet suits and helmets for protection. After a short course about how to steer the boat with your paddle, you are ready to go. Boarding for the rafting descent is next to downtown and bus journeys are not needed unlike other towns in the area.

Before boarding on the boat for the descent, our guides give a short lesson to the group that explains all the instructions and the main techniques necessary for the descent.

Than you get into the boat and you go down the river by rafting. In each boat (7 people at max) there is a rafting guide who gives commands to the group. With the paddles the group will try to steer the boat through the rapids.

During the descent, where the river allows it, you can make dips.

Finally you return to the base of the Rafting Centre.

During the descent our guides can take photos and videos, that will be stored on a CD or sent by e-mail.