Adventure Trail

Un percorso tra alberi di noce ed ostacoli

There is an adventure trail with passages among nut trees, a funny cable car of 20 meters, a Tibetan bridge and much more, all within our rafting center of Serravalle.
The experience is worth trying! At beginning you have to wear safety harnesses, with helmet and gloves. Subsequently, through a short briefing the basic rules of the route will be explained to you and how to do it with total safety.

The route consists in some passages through the trees, among which you’ll find the tibetan bridge and the cable car.


un percorso ad ostacoli e molte altre attività

Other possible activities in addition to the nature trail are: archery, orienteering, environmental education, paragliding and all water activities.

The nature adventure trail consists of a series of activities all aimed at fun.

Set in a fantastic natural environment, the nature adventure trail within our rafting center of Serravalle will allow you to live unforgettable moments.

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