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The pneumatic canoe is nothing more than an inflatable canoe, ideal for those who have space problems,; is easy to handle , good for a beginner canoeist.
Its features are first of all the ease in carrying it: the small ones, which weigh around 12 kg, can also be transported for long stretches, folded in the backpack; the larger ones, on the other hand, weigh up to 20 kg and fit comfortably in the trunk of a car.

One of its peculiarities is the absence of the cockpit, as in kayak “Sit On Top” and so the freedom of movement inside the boat increases considerably; this is useful in times of difficulty in extreme situations.
The pneumatic canoe is a stable boat, usually around 80 cm wide, with two side tubes that help in case of oscillation.
Due to the materials of which it is made, we can say that it is slow, and not hydrodynamic, furthermore being open there is a need to stow the equipment well in hermetic bags.

All the necessary equipment for the descent is provided by the Umbria Rafting Center: neoprene shoes and wetsuit, water jacket, life jacket and helmet.
Recommended clothing: bathing suit, slippers and towel.
In colder periods, add thick socks and wool or fleece knitwear.

Open every day, from April to October.
Rafting descents are possible, by booking, at the following times:
Departures 10.00 am – 13.00 pm – 16.00 pm

1st strectch 44 euros + 6 euros for membership
1st and 2nd stretch 54 euros + 6 euros membership fee