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Water Activities – Rafting on the River Corno:
Our center is located in Serravalle di Norcia. The river that we go down is the Corno, a viable river in maximum safety even from inexperienced. The route will take you across the quiet and charming gorge of Biselli, where we will stop for bathing and drinking water from a spring that flows directly from the rock. We provide all the equipment which consists of shoes and neoprene wetsuit, water jacket, life jacket, helmet and of course boat, paddle and a guide who will accompany you for all the descent .. You will have to bring a pair of slippers, a swimsuit and a towel. During colder periods we recommend you to wear the wet suit, a pair of socks and a wool jersey.

A Typical Day:
9:15 am Arrive at the rafting center, division of the boys into two groups* and preparedness:
We will distribute equipment, the guides will explain to you how to tackle the descent of the river as well as some safety rules.
10.00 am Start the excursion.
11.00 End of the excursion and arriving in Biselli.
The boys will be dropped off to the rafting center by our means.
13.00 Lunch break and recreational space.
15:00 Walk through the streets of Norcia.
16.00 Departure.

*While a group will descend the river, the other will go to the gorges of Biselli. At 11.30 the activities will be reversed.

The program shown above may change according to the needs of stakeholders, be integrated and enriched with other activities.

As the term suggests, when we talk about canyoning, we refer to a sport that consists of going through (with the aid of ropes and anchors of security, when necessary), the course of the streams and waterfalls that often affect canyons or gorges.
This kind of activity will allow you, through the use of suitable equipment and expertise of your guide, to explore otherwise inaccessible environments (the first explorations into the gorge gave way to discoveries of plant species as yet unknown) to enjoy the exciting thrill of diving into the void and confusing yourself, in a state of almost panic, with thousands of fresh water droplets that seem to explode around you, and finally to experience the pure fun of a dip in a puddle or in a toboggan. For those who don’t like too much H2O element, there are also “dry” gorges, that is to say not covered by water (due to a temporary phenomenon, such as drought or hydro-geomorphological); Also in this case, the experience is highly rewarding in a wild and unspoiled environment. You can follow, with the aid of the rope, thunderous waterfalls (such as real arteries of the earth), that forward themselves in the most wild and beautiful places that you can imagine, dive into the crystal clear lakes, to be carried away by the flow along the path carved by water in white rocks, spying, respectful, a mysterious and uncontaminated nature … All this is canyoning and much, much more!

Trek Program: :
1)Waters’ Trek, Marmore Waterfall / Piediluco: The route starts from the upper viewpoint of Marmore Waterfall and winds along the ridge between the River Nera’s valley and that one of the Piediluco Lake; reached the lake with a boat, you can carry this on the slopes of “Monte dell’Eco” – Duration: about 4 hours – Difficulty: Easy
2)Trek to Madonna del Lago: from the village of Piediluco (Velino beach) you will traverse the lake by boat up the Monte dell’Eco (Monte Caperno). From there, the excursion will start from the shores of the lake will rise up to the top of the Caperno, up to the “Madonnina”, from which to admire the view over the entire lake and the Albornoz fortress. Then during the return, a forest of oaks will be traversed. Finally you will visit the animals in the “petting zoo. ” Duration: about 4 hours – Difficulty: Easy
3)Trek of the fortress: after covering the most characteristic streets of the Piediluco village, you will go through the woods up to the Albornoz fortress, from which to enjoy an amazing landscape – Duration: about 3 hours – Difficulty: Easy
4)Tour of the lake by boat – Duration: about 1 hour – Difficulty: tourist

Tour of Lake Piediluco by boat:
Shuttle service by boat to the Isola dell’Eco and the Ristorante Pizzeria Amaca (possibility of catering to special price), to experience the natural acoustic effect with:
picnic area, green beach, free sun beds and umbrellas, green classroom route by the students of secondary schools of Piediluco, mini trek path, educational farm on the Eco’s hill (Monte Caperno), all in a very scenic location on the shores of the lake. Available touristic and environmental guides. Lifts of the river Velino by boat – Shuttle boat connection between Lake of Piediluco and the Marmore waterfall with the possibility of stopping in the village of Piediluco or other moorings.

Marmore Waterfall:
Visit of the Marmore Waterfall with guide service along the internal paths. Touristic and environmental excursions , environmental sports (ex caving tours, rock climbing, orienteering, hiking, rafting or canyoning, etc. ….) With courses designed for school-age children.

Targeted excursions to speleology in the caves of the Marmore Falls:
The visit to the natural caves which open themselves in the travertine cliff of the Marmore Falls, provides a unique opportunity to explore in speleology great secrets of the underworld.

These caves are easily accessible from the park of “Campacci” of Marmore, within the hiking area of the waterfalls. They represent a fantastic natural geological laboratory that provides countless ideas to the scientific research contextually, to the unusual experience of real “discovery” of a fascinating world, torn between the light coming from the outside and the darkness that reigns forever, influencing totally the natural environment. It is possible to realize two different routes, one pseudo-tourist and the other one longer, adventurous and exciting, in total safety.