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Hiking with donkey

The donkey is a great educator and a mediator between teens and the environment. For this reason, hiking with the donkey is very educational. First of all, the donkey is cute and brings joy to anyone who looks at him or anyone who approaches him. It doesn’t judge, doesn’t comment, doesn’t wear trendy clothes, no airs and graces, it is humble and friendly, but independent and strong. For this reason it is very easy to get in tune with it. The donkey is like a guitar, it aggregates, and unwittingly you are involved. It’s a slow animal, so it teaches you to “slow down”, giving you the chance to observe well, to appreciate the little things that, step by step, you find in your path.
It invites teens to prudence, being a prudent animal: if it senses danger, it stops and goes around the obstacle.


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a passo d’asino per la montagna

Moreover it’s stubborn but doesn’t give up, so it teaches tenacity, an excellent example and stimulus for boys and girls, who nowadays, are easily pliable. It is a great animal to strengthen self-esteem in troubled teens: it isn’t scary, it leaves you to brush and look after him with tranquility, it asks and gives you pampering, it is reassuring and transmits calm. The donkey doesn’t obey you if it is abused, but it cooperates if it is indulged and pampered. Therefore, it teaches sensitivity and respect for others. The donkey is a symbol of our recent history, of the agricultural past, when it replaced engines and tractors in almost all daily events. At donkey’s pace you can follow the ancient routes, the comfortable and shaded bridleways, for all ages and gaits.
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