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The donkey is a great educator and a mediator between children and the environment, for this reason hiking with a donkey is very educational.
First of all, the donkey is fun and he brings joy to anyone who looks at it or approaches it.
He doesn’t judge, he doesn’t comment, he doesn’t wear trendy clothes, he doesn’t put on airs, he is humble and friendly, but independent and decisive. This is why it is very easy to tune into it.
The donkey is like a guitar, it aggregates, and unwittingly we find ourselves involved. It is a slow animal, so it teaches you to “slow down”, offering you the possibility to observe well, to appreciate the little things that, step by step, you encounter on your path. Invite the kids to be careful, being a cautious animal: if it senses danger, it stops and goes around the obstacle.

He is stubborn but he doesn’t give up, so he teaches perceverance, an excellent example and stimulus for the kids, who are easily compliant today. Excellent pet to strengthen self-esteem in children in difficulty: it doesn’t scare, it lets itself be brushed and looked after with peace of mind, it asks for cuddles and gives it away, it is reassuring and transmits calm. The donkey does not obey if mistreated, but collaborates if indulged and pampered: therefore it teaches sensitivity and respect for others. The donkey is a symbol of our recent history, of the peasant past, when it replaced engines and tractors in almost all daily events. At a donkey’s pace it is possible to follow the ancient itineraries, the mule tracks, comfortable and shaded, for all ages and gaits.

All the necessary equipment for the descent is provided by the Umbria Rafting Center: neoprene shoes and wetsuit, water jacket, life jacket and helmet.
Recommended clothing: bathing suit, slippers and towel.
In colder periods, add thick socks and wool or fleece knitwear.

Open every day, from April to October.
Rafting descents are possible, by booking , at the following times:
Departures 10.00 am – 13.00 pm – 16.00 pm

Rates per person:
1st section: 25 euros.
1st and 2nd section: 40 euros.

Family offer:
1st section: adults 25 euros, children up to 14 years of age 20 euros.
1st and 2nd section: adults 40 euros, children up to 14 years of age 30 euros, third child from the same family free of charge.

Air canoe
1st section: 44 euros
1st and 2nd section: 54 euros
+ 6 euros membership

Adventure trail
10 euros

8 euros