Inflatable canoe

Sfida il fiume!

The inflatable canoe is the ideal for those who have space problems; it’s easy to steer and good for a novice paddler.
Its main feature is the ease in transporting. Small ones, which weigh roughly about 12 kg, can also be transported over long distances folded in the rucksack. Those of larger dimensions instead, arrive up to 20 kg. and can be put easily in the trunk of a car.


goditi lo spettacolo del fiume

Moreover another important feature is the absence of the cockpit, as in the kayak “Sit On Top”, so the freedom of the movements in the boat increases significantly. It can be very useful in times of trouble during extreme situations.

The inflatable canoe is a stable boat, usually around 80 cm wide, with two side tubes that help in case of oscillation.

We can say that it’s slow, and not hydrodynamic, because of the materials it is made with. Moreover since it is open you need to stow the equipment well in sealed bags.


Inflatable canoe
1° length: euro 35.
1° e 2° length: euro 45.

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