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Our rafting center has the AUTHORIZED boarding to the river inside, without having to make uncomfortable movements to reach it. A guarantee of quality and safety we inform you that we operate in the territory since 1995.
From the convenient direct boarding to the river of our headquarters in Serravalle di Norcia, that avoids inconvenient transfers by bus, guided descents for all ages. The rafting descent that we propose does not require courses or special skills to face the rapids of the river, using all the possible precautions of safety. With us you will explore corners of unspoilt nature and you will discover places that excite for their beauty.
During the descent, from the thick of a lush wooded vegetation, The gorges of Biselli will appear suggestive and majestic. And, after the descent, will be available a pleasant memory of it: the cd with your photos and vidos.
You will also have chairs and tables for your packed lunch or, very close to our center, a restaurant and a bar/ grocery store where you can eat excellent local products.
All safety and hygiene measures will be respected, we adhere to government protocols and decrees.

Once at the Umbria Rafting center in Serravalle di Norcia, you put on your wetsuits and protective helmets, take your paddle and after a short course on how to maneuver the dinghy, you set off.
The embarkation for the rafting descent is adjacent to the center and there is no need to travel by minibus unlike other centers in the area.
Before boarding the dinghy for the descent, our guides describe to the group, in a short lesson lasting a few minutes, all the instructions and main techniques necessary for the descent.
Then you get on the dinghy and go down the river in rafting. In each dinghy (7 people maximum) there is a rafting guide who gives commands to the group, who will try to steer the boat through the rapids using the paddles.
During the descent, where the river allows it, you can dive.
Finally we return to the base of the Rafting Center.
During the descent, our guides can take photos and videos, which will be stored on a CD or sent by e-mail.

All the necessary equipment for the descent is provided by the Umbria Rafting Center: neoprene shoes and wetsuit, water jacket, life jacket and helmet.
Recommended clothing: bathing suit, slippers and towel.
In colder periods, add thick socks and wool or fleece knitwear.

Open every day, from April to October.
Rafting descents are possible, upon reservation, at the following times:
Departures 10:00 am – 13:00 pm – 16:00 pm

Prices per person:
1st section: 25 euros.
1st and 2nd section: 40 euros

Family offer:
1st section: adults 25 euros, children up to 14 years of age 20 euros.
1st and 2nd section: adults 40 euros, children up to 14 years of age 30 euros, third child from the same family free of charge.

Air Canoe
1st section: 44 euros
1st and 2nd section: 54 euros
+ 6 euros membership

Adventure path
10 euros

8 euros