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Esplora paesaggi inaccessibili

As the term suggests, when we talk about canyoning, we refer to a sport that consists of going through (with the aid of ropes and anchors of security, when necessary), the course of the streams and waterfalls that often affect canyons or gorges.

This kind of activity will allow you, through the use of suitable equipment and expertise of your guide, to explore otherwise inaccessible environments (the first explorations into the gorge gave way to discoveries of plant species as yet unknown) to enjoy the exciting thrill of diving into the void and confusing yourself, in a state of almost panic, with thousands of fresh water droplets that seem to explode around you, and finally to experience the pure fun of a dip in a puddle or in a toboggan. For those who don’t like too much H2O element, there are also “dry” gorges, that is to say not covered by water (due to a temporary phenomenon, such as drought or hydro-geomorphological); Also in this case, the experience is highly rewarding in a wild and unspoiled environment.


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calati tra scroscianti cascate

You can follow, with the aid of the rope, thunderous waterfalls (such as real arteries of the earth), that forward themselves in the most wild and beautiful places that you can imagine, dive into the crystal clear lakes, to be carried away by the flow along the path carved by water in white rocks, spying, respectful, a mysterious and uncontaminated nature … All this is canyoning and much, much more!

Non è difficile, basta seguire le istruzioni che la Guida vi impartirà prima e durante l’escursione. Imparerete così anche delle divertenti evoluzioni come il surf, le candele, l’eskimo e… il resto è tutto da scoprire!!!

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